Financial Policy
Once your treatment plan or proposed surgery has been established, we will provide you with an estimate of our fees for service. As a convenience to you, we will check all dental and medical insurance coverage prior to any surgery. Following your appointment, we will submit the necessary insurance claims to insure the insurance companies will cover the estimated cost of your surgery. Please provide all insurance information so we can provide this service.

There is typically a co-payment with most insurance coverage's and this co-pay will be expected at the time of service. Your insurance coverage, estimate for treatment, and co-payment will be explained to you prior to any treatment. The estimate is only an estimated amount covered by your insurance and not a guarantee of insurance payment. Most insurance companies take 1-2 months to pay for your treatment. Occasionally, there will be a balance on your account following insurance payment which will be billed to you. We are happy to refund any money that you are entitled.

Keep in mind, this is your insurance policy and any input that you can provide is always useful. Also, all fees are ultimately the responsibility of the patient regardless of your insurance coverage. For those patients without medical and dental coverage we offer 3rd party financing through Care Credit. We will help you with the application process if needed. We accept cash, Cashiers Check, Money Order, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card.

Insurance Information
Our office insurance coordinator has years of experience with dealing with insurance companies. Unfortunately, insurance companies have the tendency to change policies and coverage's on a regular basis. We will provide you with the most up to date and current insurance information available to us at the time of your appointment. At times, it is difficult to give you an accurate estimate of your co-payment due to insurance policies and updates. Occasionally, insurance companies may not provide payment coverage or benefit information until after treatment has been performed. Obviously, dealing with these insurance companies is always a challenge but we will do our very best to work with you and your insurance company.


  • Aetna DMO
  • Aetna PPO
  • BCBS
  • BCBS Healthy Kids
  • Cigna DPPO
  • Delta Dental Premier/PPO
  • Delta Dental Healthy Kids
  • Dentemax
  • Metlife
  • LHI National Army Reserves and VA